Autumn is a Tall Glass of Iced Tea

The autumn is a tall glass of iced tea.
I drink it in slowly.
So cool
So fresh
Playing with my tongue like the word 

{That is a word you can taste.
A word like a kiss, 
And a hush to be still for beauty.}

The autumn is delicious. 
The autumn is pure oxygen flooding my lungs
With coolness,
Flooding my sight with colors -
Burning - blazing - embering.

Oh pulsing blood, bestill me.
Listen to the song that the trees sing.

One by one
The leaves are twirling down,
And I am removing 
Lovely brown cardboard packages
From the mailbox
Full of pages 
My eyes will be drinking soon.

One by one
Trees relinquish the jewels from their crowns:

Yellow is a tarnished sun.
Orange - the inkwell of the late sky, late october.
Purple - the taste of beats, the feeling of the softest blanket
And the deepest sea.
Red burns like a dying sun from another world
Red leaps and pulses mimiking the ardure of our blood.

Blue laughs in its September sky
And bids us hush - hush - hush

The autumn is a tall glass of iced tea.
I drink it it in - slowly.

About Audrey Ashira

Audrey means strength. Ashira means song. "The LORD is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation; This is my God, and I will praise Him; My father's God, and I will extol Him." Exodus 15:2

2 responses to “Autumn is a Tall Glass of Iced Tea”

  1. Mary Atwood says :

    this is so beautiful. i’m very impressed!

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