me and You and the letter You wrote me

me and You and the letter You wrote me
I curl up in Your arms
and read each sentence slowly

and You point out
the hidden pieces of Your soul
and mine
and how they intertwine
so tenderly

and I am wrapt in wonder
how You know me
how I know Thee

knowing is the sacred, nectared thing
the life eternal
danced in endless present

all is Spring


Nice:) Reminded me of “Exit Through the Giftshope”

Like a swan

Like a swan
I tuck in my head,
Touching my nose
To my snow white shoulder

Here I rest
Amidst the thick grass
The thick waters
The thick sweet smell of earth

All is hush and I close my eyes
Like the Day closes her eyes
Like the ladies close their window curtains,
Gently, softly,
Like a swan

In the thick hush
In the thick thick dark
In sleep.



blanc de fard
blanc de chine


where my soul can breathe

Help me to a bigger bit of space

Where my soul can breathe

Where I can feel sane

And bring me to the water of life

And splash me in the face with it. 

come out! come out!

“Come out! Come out! Wherever you are!

Wherever you’re hiding…,

my soul.”

hands that hurt me…

Hands that hurt me
I would take you in my own
If I could
And I would lead you, lead you home
I really would.
And I would rub away the headaches
And I would soothe the throbbing fear
And I would suck that selfish poison
From your blood
and spit it on the ground
And help you, help you leave it there.
And I would drag you to tomorrow
And I would beg you – feed your soul!
And with these fingers piece by piece
I’d piece you – till you were healed and whole.
Oh, dear and undone hands that nearly broke me
I would have helped till I did break.
But happiness, heaven, wholeness, and healing –
That is your choice to make.